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Front Gates
The board approved spending up to $18,000 to replace the motors of the front gates. During discussion Director Tim Allen explained that RFID (radio frequency identification) readers, like barcode stickers, reads and causes the gates to open. Unlike barcode stickers, however, they do not have to be placed in a special spot because it uses radio frequency to signal the gates to open.

Action on approving a RFID reader was not taken because the board wanted to wait until next season when more residents are in Saratoga. “We will need a training session before we put it in,” said Tim. Other communities, like Legacy, are going to RFID readers.

In a related matter, the board moved to use Action Automatic for maintenance for the gates.

 Insurance Update
The board is still in negotiations to get the insurance company to agree to hire Kleinberger to do work on the roofs. The insurance company wants to invoke its right to repair, which means the board would not be involved in the oversight.

 “I talked with our attorney (handling the claim) and he said he’s been involved in this (type of claim) for 13 years and has never seen an insurance company take that position,” said Treasurer Hal Bardon.

The situation has been impacted by the storms in Texas because of the claims from those storms that are overburdening insurance companies. There is a possibility the insurance company may become insolvent, which means FIGA, which was created in 1970 by the Florida legislature, could become involved.

Although the insurance company has agreed to a $6.5 million claim with the proviso it oversees the project. The company it wants to use has a low rating and is not a Florida roofing company. It has an office in Florida but is headquartered in Denver.  Kleinberger, which is based in Florida, is a general contractor in addition to being roofer. Replacement of roofs also will involve soffits, gutters and skylights. Kleinberg has a 4.2/5 rating whereas the company the insurance company wants to do the work has a 2.5 rating.

Negotiations are continuing.

Why Clubhouse, Bathrooms are Closed
President Bill Penney said the clubhouse and bathrooms are closed out of an abundance of caution. Saratoga is not the only community that has done this. Mystic Green, Legacy, Hawthorne and others have done so as well.

He explained we live in a society that tends to litigate. Should someone get sick, Saratoga could get sued. “I would love to open the pool house, but don’t want to put the community at risk.”

Drainage Issues
Last month the board approved an agreement with Mark Stahlman to fix the drainage issues before the rainy season starts. Currently the community has 4-inch gutters. Stahlman will install ones that are at least 6 inches. It will involve plastic drains with a mesh sleeve over it. Work is expected to start as early as the week of March 29th.

Although gutters will have to be replaced when the roofs are replaced, Director Tim Allen said we can’t wait because of the damage being done. He explained it in a
letter sent to residents earlier this week. Stahlman is asking for $34,000 upfront to cover the materials. Because it was approved last month, the board saved 15% before the new rates took affect.

Roofs and Painting of Buildings
The board approved the colors for the roofs and buildings: Frontier (roof), Beach House (building) and Patience (trim).

A committee to explain the changes to the owners, who will need to approve them, has been established. Director Tim Allen and resident Gene Bisol will be on it. Two more people are needed.

Truck and Van Parking
There was a lengthy discussion about trucks being parked on community for more than 4 hours. When the documents were approved, the term truck meant a pick-up truck. But with the introduction of SUVs, they now fall under the category of trucks. No action was taken.

Next Meeting: 6 p.m. Thursday, April 22 via Zoom





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Board Notes
March 25, 2021
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