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Nov. 4, 2015

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Nov. 19, 2015

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Nov. 19, 2020
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Dave Guilliams - Snake Report
Nov 4, 2015


Ruling on Roofs
President Bill Penney said a decision on whether Kleinberger Roofing or U.S. Roofing will be replacing roofs in Saratoga damaged by Hurricane Irma three years ago is expected by the end of December.

Although the insurance has agreed to pay up to $6.5 million, the hang-up is the insurance company wants to use its own company, U.S. Roofing. Kleinberger, however, also holds a construction business license and has a stellar reputation, President Penney said at last month’s meeting. Roof damage from Irma not only includes leakage, but rotted wood at the peaks.

If the insurance company gives Kleinberger the green light, the timeline for replacing roofs is estimated to be 5 to 6 months.

No special assessment is expected because of the roof replacement project.

Christmas Decorations
The Christmas spirit will come alive the weekend of Nov. 21st when resident Stan Mohn, an electrician, will decorate the front entrance.

This year lights have been put on different circuits so they will come on at the same time.

AED for Pool House
The AED or automated external defibrillator is installed in the mailroom, said Director Tim Allen. A representative from the fire department will offer training sometime in the future.

Director Allen explained the AED is registered with EMS and 911. It will be checked monthly. Batteries last 5 years and the pads 2 years.

Anyone noticing it is not functioning should contact Director Allen or President Penney.

Director Keith Ford said the first week of December dead flowers and bushes will be removed and replaced.

The first week of January, bags of mulch will be delivered and placed in parking lots. The following week the bags will be distributed to driveways throughout the community. The third week the mulch will be spread.

Gate Entry System
No action was taken on replacing the gate entry system at this time. Action was postponed until after the roofs have been replaced to make sure there is no damage to the system from trucks going into and out of Saratoga while roofs are being replaced.

Currently there is one $20,000 bid for the gate entry system. The other two bidders did not follow the guidelines Saratoga had sent out.

Power Washing Driveways
No action was taken to power wash driveways. Board members agreed it would be futile until after roofs have been replaced because of the debris that would fall on the driveways.

In the interim, the board will revisit whether to have driveways that a lot of mold and dirt on them cleaned. They would not be power washed but have a spray-and-rinse application used.

Dues Going Up Slightly
Treasurer Hal Bardon said residents can expect to have quarterly dues go up by $10 next year. That is because insurance is increasing as are the Lely Master Association fees.

There is no quote for insurance in 2021 yet, but a projected 15% to 20% increase is expected. Master Association fees are going up from $4,900 to $7,500.

 Next Meeting: 2 p.m. Thursday, Dec 3, via Zoom




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