Illegal Vehicles to be Towed

A contract has been signed with Morley's Towing Service to remove any vehicle parked on Saratoga property. 

Motorcycles, pick-up trucks and RVs are not permitted to be parked on Saratoga property but may be stored in a resident's garage.

Financial Statement Available

Residents who would like to have a copy of the annual financial statement should request it from Resort Management. 

An e-mail for such a request should be sent to Geri Bauer:


There is a speed limit of 15 miles per hour in Saratoga.

Because there are no sidewalks, it's important that it be observed for the safety of residents and pets using the roadway.

Programming Your 
Garage Door Opener

If you need your garage door opener programmed so you can open the front gates, you could contact:

Action Automatic Door
​275 Airport Road North
(just off Davis Road)
Naples, FL 34104
​(239) 206-2452

Gene Bisol, Bob Kelley and Rich Wilhelm  spent a good part of a day putting up the Purple Martin house destroyed by Hurricane Irma. Many thanks to them.

Helping our Purple Martin friends

The Automated External Defibrillator is now in the mailroom. Click here to learn how to use it via a Dr. Oz YouTube video.

Saratoga @ Lely